Style (Clip)
Taylor Swift

Style (clip) - Taylor Swift


you got that long hair slicked back, white t-shirt
and I got that good girl fate and a tight little skirt (a tight little skirt)
and when we go crashing down, we come back in every time
because we never go out of style, we never go out of style
take me home!

What makes any high school special? This is where it all happened for the first time. The heartache and the happiness. All of it. Being in this hallway… feels like it was yesterday. I wake up sometimes and I miss it. But this is good. It’s all still right here

I just want some Destiel scenes.



me: *sees a white boy* *locks my car doors*

white boy: *knocks on window* what would you be doing if I was in there with you ;)

shirtless… all the time.


Harry Potter drinking game: chug the whole bottle when dobby dies because when dobby dies you die too

Game of Thrones  +  flags


the rich white boy is 100% scarier than the clown like honestly I’m not even making a white boy joke like this character is scaring me more than the damn clown

This Is Not a Game (feat. Miguel)
The Chemical Brothers


I can’t believe something this hard is on the Hunger Games soundtrack.

"This Is Not a Game" The Chemical Brothers feat. Miguel

barry allen + smiling


how many of you have actually for really real /cried/ over your otp i wonder
like straight up tears falling from your eyes

taylor swift for UK instyle cover shoot